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Mixed Media Painting on Stretched Arches Paper of "Moon Totem Ancestor"

Nature, Art, Architecture and Spirituality Inspire Me to Create Colorful Joyful Paintings.  Whether I Am in the Studio or Painting on Location I Love working in Oils and Watercolors and Mixed Media. 

Each Painting starts with a Picture in my Mind, Daydream or Just Grows as I Draw onto the Paper, Canvas or Panel.  I Stay Open to the Process and Let it Flow. Being Open and Allowing the Painting to take on a Life of it's Own is where the Excitement and Energy comes in. It's Never Boring and Always Challenging. It's what makes Interesting and Exciting work. I Love Color, Brushstrokes, Texture, Transparent and Opaque Layers that go Into the Finished Painting.


Lauren Litwa

9263 Hickory Hill Road, Oxford, Pennsylvania 19363, United States