"Little Creatures" 30"x36" Oil on Canvas

I love to paint, I always have...Some paintings start out as a dream. Then an idea grows as the images form. Colors, texture and overall "feeling" are what matters to me. I feel strongly that connecting with the earth, trees, streams, sky and water feeds the paintings. Barns have such a presence too. The simplistic form of a building just begs to be painted. I imagine the lives lived there. Using my own vision I change structures and form to fit into my created world. 

We are not alone in the universe. More recently I have been exploring creating paintings that have some connection to those other beings out there. Ideas are born and I love to just go with the flow.

My hope is that these paintings inspire others to want to protect our fragile planet. Earth's environment needs to be cherished and passed on to our children's children. In my own small way that is my desire and intention with the creation of each painting. 

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Wawa Studio Wall

Lauren Litwa is a life long artist who graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where she won the William Emlen Cresson Traveling Scholarship Award for painting. Through a grant from The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation she was able to partly fund her first studio. She has exhibited her paintings extensively in art galleries and museums including The Delaware Art Museum, The Noyes Museum, The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, The PA State Museum and The American Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. She has received the Purchase Award and First Prize for painting from The PA State Museum in Harrisburg, PA. Residencies include the Margo-Kelb Dune Shack in Cape Cod and La Villa Arrigo in Florence, Italy. 

Lauren paints in her little studio in Oxford and at her cabin in English Center, Pennsylvania. She also paints plein air paintings on location.

Contact Lauren@LitwaArt.com with any questions.  


Lauren Litwa's Studio with "Earth Energy with Box Turtle"

A little music in the studio